An Introduction to Shamanic Breathwork

w/ Elizabeth “Two Hawks Dancing” Britt  

Sunday, October 22   
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
In this introductory session, we’ll experience a short, Shamanic Breathwork™ Journey as a means of connecting with the universal higher self and the unconscious mind through states of consciousness attained through the breath. People who have experienced Shamanic Breathwork™ report enhanced physical and emotional well-being, confidence, clarity, and joy, as well as a reduction in anxieties, fears and self-doubts. Breathwork is healthy for the body.
Elizabeth “Two Hawks Dancing” Britt is a Shamanic Minister of Venus Rising and Certified Facilitator of Shamanic Breathwork™. 
For a full description of the workshop visit her website:
Please text, call or send an email to register for this event.
Suggested Donation: $15.00


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10/28 Blues Fusion Dance

Blues fusion Dance

Blues Fusion Dance

Saturday, October 28th

8p – 9p Lesson / 9p – 12a Dance

Dynamic unstructured partner dancing
Rooted in blues dancing, with an emphasis on creative expression.
No experience necessary! Perfect for anyone 18+ looking to learn how to partner dance.
Get started with a basic blues dance tutorial!


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11/3 Kirtan w/ Chaitanya

Kirtan with Chaitanya

Friday, November 3rd | 7-9P

Join us in Divine Fun and Friendship as we sing mantras of Love and Divine Affirmation in Kirtan together. Connect with the inner space of the heart by gently allowing yourself to let go of the mind and it’s many thoughts. Satsang (sacred gathering) is nurturing and needed to re-charge our spiritual, emotional, and physical being!
Chaitanya: Koriander, Rishi, Sat Mohinder and Katie are deeply committed to their spiritual paths and to sharing and teaching the practice of mantra, sacred song, and love.

Families welcome,
♥ Suggested Donations ♥ to support our kirtan musicians and Veda Studios.

Learn more about Chaitanya:
Event Page

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