Challenge Membership

The Challenge Membership

Challenge Memberships will ONLY be available until December 1st, 2017

 The Veda Studios Challenge Membership is back and is better than ever. Now offered with 2 levels of challenges!  This is simply the best value you will find in any studio. 6 months of unlimited Yoga, Dance & Martial Arts classes for one low price. All you have to do is attend and your membership is free. 

The plan is simple and easy to do.
1. Sign Up (Pay a One Time Fee)
2. Pick Your Plan (2 Classes or 3 Classes Weekly)
3. Stop paying a Monthly Membership Fee!

Choose your Challenge! Pick between the NEW 2 class weekly program ($80 Sign Up) or challenge yourself with the original 3 class program ($60 Sign Up). The classes are tallied by the month, so Ii you miss a class one week, no worries you make it up next week. Since classes are unlimited you can take as many as you’d like in any month as long as you meet your monthly goals. 

Take any classes from any of our regular studio scheduled classes including Gentle Flow, Vinyasa Flow & Acro Yoga, Salsa Dance, Blues Dance, Tai Chi and more. Feel free to pick and choose the classes as you like. This is a great way to stay motivated and also explore alternative offerings & modalities.
YES, this is real, but don’t miss your chance. These memberships are too be limited and will only be available until December 1st, 2017. Push yourself with The Challenge Membership. Motivation is included!


Terms &  Conditions

  1. The membership is only available with a one-time sign-up fee & six-month commitment. 
  2. Challenge Members can choose to attend 2 or 3 classes a week each month for the duration of the six-month period.
  3. The class load is tallied by the month, if you have an off week you can make up your missed classes the next week. 
  4. If a member fails to reach class load given month, they will be billed for that particular month.
  5. You can sign up anytime and your first month’s challenge will be prorated according to when you sign up. 
  6. If a Challenge Member must miss classes for a foreseen absence and communication is made the Challenge can be paused for that particular month and continued. 
  7. Client must provide valid credit card at time of enrollment
  8. The membership can be canceled in-person for a cancellation fee.

Challenge Memberships will ONLY be available until December 1st, 2017


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