Featured Class for June 2019~ Tai Ji Quan with Master Roberts

Veda Studios 
Monthly Featured Class for June:

Tai Ji Quan 
Level one

Master William Roberts

Every Tuesday and Thursday
$10 drop in

Welcome to Tai Ji Quan~

Health, passion and light are contagious…come get some!

Students of all levels will find this class accessible. If you are new or consider yourself fairly new to studying Tai Ji Quan, this class will provide an easy pace and detailed instruction to help you focus on learning and exploring the fundamentals.

This class focuses on the many healing and self-cultivation aspects of Tai Chi. We will be working with Longevity Exercises, Qi Gong and a Tai Chi form called “The Eight Original Energies”.

Please expect to leave class feeling energized, open, peaceful and positively motivated, probably floating on a rainbow and ready to go out and love your life!

About Master Roberts~

After completing his BA in Literature and Narrative Studies from Davidson College in 1998, Master Roberts encountered Acupuncture Medicine and Daoist Internal Martial and Healing Arts while traveling and studying in western China. For over 20 years, while guiding mountaineering, whitewater and sea kayaking expeditions throughout North and South America, he has continued his training in Tai Ji Quan, Xing I Quan, I Quan Qi Gong and Emperor’s Long Fist Kung Fu.

Master Roberts is a Nationally Certified and North Carolina State Licensed Acupuncturist who focuses on helping his patients resolve physical pain, sleep, and mental health imbalances and disharmonies.

Billy, as he is known to his friends and patients, loves to share the timeless wisdom of these powerful healing art forms. Modern research shows Tai Ji Quan is great for healing a wide array of health problems as well as supporting a positive mental outlook on life.

Billy is a dedicated father, husband and brother. He spends his free time playing music and adventuring in the southern mountains with his family. He is an avid reader and will discuss David Mitchell books or Borges with anyone at anytime. He enjoys travel and any opportunity to speak Spanish, Italian or Mandarin.

Click the link below to check out a short video of our Tai Ji Quan class! 

Video credit:
Christopher Lehman