Featured Class for July 2019~ Quest4Life 5Rhythms® Waves with Karen Chapman

Veda Studios 
Monthly Featured Class for July:

Quest4Life 5Rhythms® Waves

Karen Chapman

Every Tuesday
$10 drop in

Welcome to Quest4Life 5Rhythms® Waves

Gabrielle Roth created the maps of the 5Rhythms, Flowing-open, grounded, Staccato-percussive and passion, Chaos-releasing and letting go, Lyrical-lightness and playful, Stillness-breath and listening to guide us through movement. Striving for your highest potential that life can offer. Living your life fully, being Alive in your body. Imagine yourself being curious, having fluidity, engaging in creative expression and to create community around movement that helps to foster movement in an authentic way! “You have to determine to settle for nothing than being Fully Alive to show up, be who you are and share your gifts.” Gabrielle Roth
Every third Tuesday’s of the month our sister percussion group GOING WITH THE FLOW will play live music for my class! I am honored to have them play! Please bring plenty of water to drink and I may ask on occasion to bring props with you. 

Gabrielle Roth is the founder and creator of the 5Rhythms Movement Meditation Practice! 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, performance art and a dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is both the medicine and the metaphor, reaching across all languages, cultures and age groups to transform suffering into art, art into awareness, and awareness into action.

About Karen Chapman: 

Karen Chapman has lived, worked and played in Asheville NC, for over 20 years. I became a 5Rhythms teacher in the year of 2015/16 and trained under the amazing leadership of Jonathan Horan, Gabrielle Roth’s son. I am so grateful to have had this experience and to encounter so many other trained 5Rhythms teacher’s from all over the world Whenever, I practice 5Rhythms for myself, I am struck by how I have become more fluid and the self-discovery within my movement. letting go, currents of energy flowing through, in and out of my body. Passion lives within my heart and soul for the 5Rhythms Movement Meditation Practice!

Click the link below to check out a short video of our Quest4Life 5Rhythms® Waves class! 

Video credit:
Christopher Lehman