Featured Class for September 2019~ Ziranmen Kung Fu with Master Richards

Veda Studios Featured Class for September:

Ziranmen Kung Fu


Master James Richards

Join Master Richards every Monday
from 7:15-8:45pm
$10 drop in

About Ziranmen Kung Fu:

Focusing on the foundations for learning Liu He Ziranmen, this class will offer training in flexibility, strength and traditional ji ben gung [foundation work] upon which all modern Chinese wushu is based. Ziranmen is considered an “internal” fighting art in China and was combined with Liu He Men, a Shaolin “external” fighting art to create a synthesis of internal and external arts. Additionally, training specific to Ziranmen will be incorporated so that students may express the unique flavor of Liu He Ziranmen. Special emphasis will be placed on practical skills and attributes that are generally useful in life while providing for healthy longevity and self defense for those occasions where it is required. 

About Master Richards:

As a childhood fan of Bruce Lee, James originally studied Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu under Sifu Thornton Williams while attending university in Florida. Moy Yat was an “in-door” student of Yip Man, the instructor of Bruce Lee. James completed the training up to learning the wooden dummy form. After leaving Florida and moving to New York City, James trained for five years under Shaolin monk Sifu Shi Yan Ming and was given the disciple name “Shi Heng Zi”.
James helped to open the doors to the Shaolin Tempel in Vienna, Austria in September 2002 and trained students for the first month until a monk from China could be brought in for long term tutelage. Returning to the United States, James began training in Filipino Kali under Guro Jeff Chung around year 2002 and eventually became one of two students certified as instructors under Guro Jeff. At the same time, James left Shaolin training to focus on Liu He Ziranmen under Sifu Chen Tian Ying,  a student of Sifu Li Jian Long and the great Wan Lai Sheng. Most recently James has been studying authentic Bao Ding Shuai Jiao under Sifu Francisco Gomez in the desire to incorporate traditional grappling into his personal curriculum for self defense developed primarily under the guidance of Guro Jeff and Sifu Chen. Currently James offers training in Ziranmen self defense and Ziranmen taichi and hopes soon to establish a Shuai Jiao training group to continue exploring Shuai Jiao as an effective form of self defense.
James continues to travel to New York City periodically to continue his training in Ziranmen, Kali and Shuai Jiao under world class experts.

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Ziranmen Kung Fu:

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Christopher Lehman