Featured Teacher for November 2019~Meza Ayala!

We are so blessed to have Meza Ayala on our team here at Veda Studios! She contributes to the studio and to the community in many ways; Cleaning the studio, posting on social media and  teaching! You may even see her signing people into classes at the front desk. Meza is a thoughtful and conscientious light being, a steward of the earth and heart-felt friend to many. We love her and are so very grateful for her presence here. We invite you to come practice with her and soak up some of her awesomeness!

Practice with Meza:

* Thursdays from 10:30am-11:45am: Mindful Flow (Yoga)

* Saturdays from 10:30-11:45am: Chakra Flow (Yoga)

* 1st Sunday of every month from 5:15-6:15pm: Introduction to Meditation

$10 drop in for each class

An interview with Meza Ayala:

“I became a Yoga & meditation teacher and thai yoga massage therapist to share what has assisted me in my transformation. I am dedicated to sharing the plethora of knowledge based on a variety of somatic and energetic healing techniques. I got my degree in Environmental Studies & Sustainable Urbanism at Rollins College and 100% identify as an eco-warrior. My teaching creates a space to build a relationship with our Planet Earth. A mindfulness practice is one of the crucial steps in becoming more sustainable.”

What started you on a path toward yoga? 

I feel like I had been living under a rock, I really hadn’t been exposed to yoga until sometime in 2015. I discovered yoga through going to a Music & Art Festival. I remember one of the first classes I stumbled upon was a Heart Chakra Restorative class – and that was definitely a great gentle way to be introduced into yoga practice. 

What wisdom has come to you through your yoga practice? 

I feel a lot better when I’m being mindful. I’ve noticed the more present I am the more synchronicities I catch – reminding and reassuring me I’m tuned in to my heart intelligence and on the right path.   

What is the most challenging experience that you have overcome? 

Years of conscious & unconscious escapism, yoga has provided a healthy outlet, yoga encourages me to let go of what is no longer serving me- detach in a healthy way. Yoga gives me an outlet to redirect my energy towards healing and expanding in new ways. 

Tell us a little about your personal practice. 

I enjoy weaving lineages that have come into my life. Even things outside of yoga such as oracle cards, astrology and altar building. I tune in through meditation and go from there – depending on how I am feeling. 

What can your students expect from a class with you? 

To embark on a cosmic spiritual journey that reminds my students that they are more than just their physical body through conceptualizing energy. My classes usually have a mash-up of ancient wisdom from different cultures, meditation, chanting, pranayama, & asana.  

Tell us about your yoga training. 

My teacher training was unique in the way that I had a few core teachers but also got to have sessions with a bunch of other teachers, to learn about all the different lineages and approaches. 

Are there any specific teachers or practices that have made a major impact in your life? 

The lovely Ms. Nix! She was my English teacher in 9th grade, and she is a gem to the public school system. I learned a lot about life and literature from her. But then she became a yoga teacher and would teach the teachers after school in the library, and even though I had graduated long ago, she always held space for me and taught me about the importance of restoring balance & more through her yin yoga classes.  

Do you have any particular offerings that you consider your specialty? 

Touch. I am Thai Yoga certified – which is a massage technique that works with the energetic lines in the body. The massage techniques were originally developed within a wider context of medical treatment stemming from traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. 

What gifts has your yoga practice brought into your life? 

Abundance through gratitude.