Featured Teacher for February 2020 ~ Kyle Steele

Practice with Kyle:

4th and 5th Sundays of every month:

* Intro to Meditation~ 5:15-6:15pm: $10 drop-in

* Devotional Song Circle~ 6:30-8pm: Dontations from the heart welcomed

An interview with Kyle:

1. What started you on a path toward yoga/meditation?

Basically I was really lost, confused, numb and angry and I became interested in meditation and yoga because I wanted to understand a deeper truth about our lives, how to develop compassion and resilience in response to suffering in the world, and have a better relationship with the present moment.  I began reading some books by Alan Watts and the Dalai Lama late in high school, and they helped open me up to something greater than myself; another layer of spirituality I had not accessed before. Also, mushrooms. 

2. What wisdom has come to you through your personal practices?

Slow down. Breathe. Listen. Listen. Listen. Move. Give thanks and praise! 

For me, the real magic in my personal practice are songs that come to me and help deepen my connection and appreciation for life. A while back, one morning after some yoga a song came to me:

 I see you’re caught up in all the struggles, I see you’re caught up in all the struggles

Well don’t you know they’re not meant for you, Don’t you know they’re not meant for you

They’re meant for me, and all of the others, your brothers your sisters, your Fathers and mothers

So we can learn and grow, and come together, yeah so we can learn and grow and come together

So come on let’s move, we’ve got some work to do, come on lets groove we’ve got some work to do!

For me, this song honors one of the most humbling truths in this experience of life. The hardships that we go through, grow, and learn from, can send ripples and inspire others who are also struggling in their own way. Our perseverance and resilience builds others up! 

3. What is the most challenging experience that you have overcome?

The most challenging experience I have overcome is an on-going battle of committing, and recommitting to my highest self and original instructions given to me by Creator. Specifically, I have been given the opportunity to heal my heart, body, and spirit from childhood trauma for the advancement of all people.

4. Tell us a little about your personal practice.

My personal practice is very personal, intuitive, and eclectic. I activate my body with Qi gong and breathwork, use somatic movement, toning and along with silence, listening and gratitude to center myself! I’m excited about continuing to learn, grow, and build depth and structure to my practice. 

5. What can your students expect from a class with you?

I strive to create balanced, heart-centered containers for my offerings that involve a co-created experience through open, receptive, vulnerable exploration. It is really important to me to offer simple practices that can help people connect with themselves through the week. Practices such as breathwork and movement to help calm the body and mind as well as song, prayer, and vocal expression to connect to heart and spirit.

6.Tell us about your training.

I have studied at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga. Part of there massage program includes yoga and mindfulness, energy anatomy, and somatic psychology. I have also taken courses in non-violent communication with Steve Torma at the REAL Center and Seek Healing’s listening training. 

7. Are there any specific teachers or practices that have made a major impact in your life?

Vipassana Meditation shared by S.N. Goenka has a profound influence on my perspective in life, how I relate with myself, my challenges, and other people. Through attending silent retreats and practicing I have gained better self-compassion, awareness, patience, receptivity, and a heart opened to the value and wonder of service!  I am so grateful for the community and service I have been privileged to experience through the tradition of Vipassana. 

Paul Chek is another teacher who has greatly influenced my life path. He teaches fundamentals for living a holistic life, balancing mind, body, and spirit. Through his work I have begun to learn to develop a relationship with my intuition and my body, playful expression, and a clearer vision of my dream and how I’d like to show up in the world. 

8. Do you have any particular offerings that you consider your specialty?

I am still new to the world of creating and facilitating spaces such as meditation and song circles, so I would say my specialty at this current stage is having a beginner’s mind and an enthusiasm for co-creating a shared experience!

9. What gifts has your yoga/meditation practice brought into your life?

I would say, for me, yoga and meditation are tools to sharpen my awareness, bring me closer to the present moment, give me a different perspective on challenges I am facing, and help me see so much beauty and wonder I may miss out on otherwise.  Most of all they are ways for me to show myself care, love and appreciation. Nothing is better than that!

10. Is there anything else you would like us to know?

One of the most powerful healing experiences I have ever gone through is learning how to dance! I can not overstate the joy and wonder in rediscovering my body as an instrument of expression through movement with music. I use dance to set intentions, pray, express difficult emotions, and have a lot of fun! I attend Asheville Movement Collective’s ecstatic dance regularly and the safe container to freely express myself and the community that creates it are some of the greatest gifts of my life. It is my intention through my offerings to create safe containers for the freedom of expression, where all voices are welcome, honored, and appreciated.