Featured Teacher for March 2020~ Dr. Sarah Amedoro

Practice with Sarah:

~ Every Monday in March: Mindful Flow (yoga)
10:30-11:45am: $10 drop-in

~ 2nd Sunday of March, 3/8:

* Intro to Meditation~ 5:15-6:15pm: $10 drop-in

* Introduction to Bhajans (devotional songs from around the world): 6:30-8pm
~ Donations from the heart welcomed

An interview with Sarah:

1) What started you on a path toward yoga/meditation?

My path to yoga and meditation began through my work in psychology. I saw the benefits of mindfulness-based therapies with a variety of clients I was working with; from school-aged children struggling with anxiety and attention difficulties, to adults who had sustained severe traumatic brain injuries and were re-learning how to regulate their emotions, to those who were challenged by chronic pain and ongoing health concerns, to neurotypical individuals that were experiencing significant life transitions. When my dog, Zeus, died 4 1/2 years ago, I found myself implementing the same mindfulness-based techniques to cope with my loss. These practices combined with my emotionally raw state led me to experience my emotional and energetic body in an entirely new way, and so began my journey of coming home to myself. I found my first spiritual teacher, deepened my personal practice of meditation, found the joy and healing of devotional song and prayer, completed my first yoga teacher training, solo-traveled Southeast Asia for five months, and made a cascade of choices that drastically shifted the course of my life, both professionally and personally. 

2) What wisdom has come to you through your personal practices?

Some of the deepest wisdom I have received is that we are all total, whole, complete, just as we are in this exact moment – that every single experience we have is divine. And our experiences are absolutely opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve as well – this life is not a passive or stagnant perfection, but is an ever-shifting, flowing, changing, living perfection! I also love that we are the earth, the elements, our ancestors, the various gods and goddesses – that we have all these different energies within us. We can call forth these energies, engage with them, honor them, and also know that they are present even we aren’t able to feel them. 

3) What is the most challenging experience that you have overcome?

It is difficult to identify a single most challenging experience. I have received such deep healing through this journey, and I have received this healing by being with and moving through the pain I did not know I carried before my heart was cracked open. My initiation began with the loss of my dog, Zeus, and this loss opened the gates for a rollercoaster of grief that I continued to ride the waves of for the next three years. I came to my practices and my support system for grounding during this time, and learned a deep love for my self, as I trusted myself – my heart, my gut, my guides – to continue on my path throughout the difficulties.

4) Tell us a little about your personal practice.

My personal practice has varied over the years, and takes many forms, but at its heart I would describe my practice as devotion in motion. Whether I am creating an altar, reveling in nature, singing a song, playing my drum, moving my body, activating my breath, seeking silence in meditation, or simply offering gratitude – I am always honoring this life, this body, this beautiful world, the traditions and medicines I have been so blessed to receive, my teachers and guides, and so much more! 

5) What can your students expect from a class with you?

My students can expect an authentic, playful, heart-centered experience. I describe asana practice as a tool for moving out of the mind and into the body, and we then move from the body into the heart. All of my offerings – asana, meditation, chanting, devotional song, hemp ceremonies, and workshops – will be a heart-opening experience! And I always like to offer little nuggets of wisdom to support individuals in taking their practice off of the mat and embodying it in their daily lives. 

6) Tell us about your training.

I have my doctorate in clinical psychology, and have completed several yoga trainings including 200-hour certifications in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga, and a Trauma-Sensitive Yoga certification. I also spent several days in silence at a Buddhist monastery in northern Thailand, and plan to complete my first 10-day vipassana experience this year.

7) Are there any specific teachers or practices that have made a major impact in your life?

My first spiritual teacher, Adhikari Sacha, had a profound impact on my life. She supported me to deepen my personal meditation practice, introduced me to the practice of devotional song and chant, and welcomed me into a deeply healing and nurturing community that I didn’t know I was longing for.

8) Do you have any particular offerings that you consider your specialty?

I love to co-create ceremony. For me, coming together with intention to share, play, and pray, feels like coming home. It feels like a deep remembering within my soul. Co-creating in this way, whether it be for weekly chanting/singing or asana, a hemp/cacao ceremony, or a playful workshop, is my specialty. 

9) What gifts has your yoga/meditation practice brought into your life?

So much joy! And wonder! And deep beautiful friendships! And a deep, deep, unconditional love for myself and mama earth!

10) Is there anything else you would like us to know?

I am so so grateful for this epic, beautiful life!