Challenge Membership

The Challenge Membership

Veda Studios Challenge Membership: Rise to the challenge of attending at least eight classes per month and your next month is on us. Succeed and get six months of top-quality, attentive instruction for less than the normal price of a regular drop in at many other local studios! Members may attend any of our Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts drop in classes!

Program Details:

• $90 initial enrollment fee and potentially no other charge for the next six months!

• Attend at least eight classes in a month and the next one is on us (otherwise $90)– pay once and only once for six months by sticking to your resolution!

• Works out to just $7.50 per cycle with a flawless challenge! The math: $90 (enrollment fee) / six months of successful challenge attendance = $15.00 / month avgerage for Unlimited Classes!

• Requires a six-month commitment; Genuinely extenuating circumstances considered (of course <3).

• Months are assessed as calendar months. If the challenge member’s initial sign up date is on a day other than the 1st of the calendar month, the first month’s attendance will be pro-rated accordingly.

Call us (828.708.4382), email us at or come by the studio with any questions you may have– we’re here for you!