Featured Teacher for March 2020

**Dr. Sarah Amedoro**

From Sarah:

“Some of the deepest wisdom I have received is that we are all total, whole, complete, just as we are in this exact moment – that every single experience we have is divine. And our experiences are absolutely opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve as well – this life is not a passive or stagnant perfection, but is an ever shifting, flowing, changing, living perfection! I also love that we are the earth, the elements, our ancestors, the various gods and goddesses – that we have all these different energies within us. We can call forth these energies, engage with them, honor them, and also know that they are present even we aren’t able to feel them.”

Practice with Dr. Sarah:

~ Every Monday in March: Mindful Flow (yoga)~ 10:30-11:45am: $10 drop-in

~ 2nd Sunday of March, 3/8:

* Intro to Meditation~ 5:15-6:15pm: $10 drop-in

* Introduction to Bhajans (devotional songs from around the world): 6:30-8pm
~ Donations from the heart welcomed